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What Is Regenerated Yarn ?

Collecting various textile wastes (yarn, fabric scraps, fibres containing cotton, viscose and polyester) and turning them into fibres constitute the raw material of regenerated yarn.

We are blending recycled fibres with cotton, polyester and acrylic fibres by the demands of our customers to increase the strength of the yarn. Karadag Yarn produces environmentally friendly regenerated yarn in our advanced technology Open End machines in various colours and counts by using these fibres.

Recycling is the best solution for natural and synthetic based textile wastes and, these wastes are bringing into the economy without harming the environment.

Our company produces regenerated yarn in different numbers from NE 3/1 to NE 30/1 amidst knitting and weaving options. Mixtures mainly consist of acrylic, cotton, wool and polyester types depending on customer demand and, we produce the particular colours requested by the customers.